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Misura Di Martino situated in Campinas – São Paulo Brazil, is a company that makes diamond drills and countersinks to drill and to finish glass.

Having been in the market for over 40 years, Misura Di Martino, increases its dedication every day by offering the best technology and price to the glass industry.



All our products are improved, updated to better meet your needs.

Our company, with the latest technology, can offer over 280 sizes, internal and external, diamond mesh sizes to be defined, drilling just about any application/material.

Customers include: the glass industry, automotive industry, furniture factories, kitchen appliances factories, optics and hobby enthusiasts.

Misura Di Martino is a partner in your success.

We are focused on your long term goals and take great pride in helping you grow and prosper.

Around 1965, a simple Italian imigrant, had just arrived in Brazil and started to operate a single machine in the back of his house.
With a lot of dedication he started making diamond drills.
At that time the production of the drills were too small and the ones in the market were imported.

Seeing the needs of the market and the quality of tools he was making, he decided to invest in the construction of a factory where the main aims were quality and efficiency.

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Rua Sud Menucci, 240 - Jardim Aurélia
Cep. 13.033-055 - Campinas/SP
Fone: +55 (19) [3241-1852].[3242-9199]