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The Misura Di Martino considers as its main differentials:


  • We make our own diamond core drills for hand held drills or drill presses and diamond countersinks;
  • The highest quality standards and product consistency is maintained, using sophisticated inspection and measurement equipment;
  • We will work with you to determine your needs and recommend the right solution for your specific material/application;
  • We guarantee our products after a technical evaluation.

Misura Di Martino inovates every day to offer a different product to customers... Read more!




Misura Di Martino has over 40 years experience in manufacturing... Read more!

Lógica Digital
Rua Sud Menucci, 240 - Jardim Aurélia
Cep. 13.033-055 - Campinas/SP
Fone: +55 (19) [3241-1852].[3242-9199]